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Preschool Staff

Director- Ann Gascon

Ann has worked in ECE for 14 years. In addition to working in centers she was a home child care provider for7 years.Ann has an Associate's Degree in Early Childhood Education from Butler Community College. Ann is married and has two children, Gabriel (16)  and Anthony (14). Ann says that working with children has been passion for as long as she can remember. She can't see herself doing anything else. She loves seeing their little minds learning and growing. Ann likes working at Plymouth because they promote professionalism in early childhood education and really make learning a priority.


Assistant Director- Amber Lambert  

Amber has a (CDA) Child Devlopment Associates Degree from the Council for Professional Recognition of America. Early Childhood Education has been Ambers main focus for the past 9 years. Amber was born and raised in Hawaii. She then moved to Alaska for 8 years where she had 3 sons. Mavryk (9) Gunnar (6) and Conrad (4) who attends here at Plymouth. Amber believes it is a honor to work with children every day. It is because of all the children she has cared for over the years that makes her who she is today.


Infant Teacher- Christine Armstrong

Christine has an Associates Degree in Business Administration, but her passion in life is working with children. She especially loves teaching them, helping them, and watching them grow and learn. Knowing she made a positive impact in the life of a child is an accomplishment she treasures most. Christine enjoys spending her free time with her husband and taking her stepdaughter, Emma, to the trampoline park and gymnastic classes.



 Infant Teacher- Joy Yunker

 Joy has spent the last 13 years in Early Childhood. She says that children are amazing little people! She loves that they’re honest and that she has the opportunity to make a difference in each child’s life. Joy recently moved to Wichita from Hutchinson and chose to work at Plymouth after looking at the school’s website and being impressed with the staff and the facility. Joy has four adult children and enjoys loving on her six grandchildren! 



Infant Teacher- Sofia Hidalgo

 Sofia is currently a Junior at Wichita State University majoring in graphic design. She is a newlywed and hopes to have children of her own someday. She loves to watch children grow and achieve those developmental milestones and of course all the funny things children do is a perk of her job. Sofia says shes at Plymouth because it is the best center in Wichita with great kids, parents and staff to work with!



Transition Teacher-Cassy Payne

Cassy has a Bachelors Degree in Education. She is a step mother to 3 children Caleigh (12), Caleb (11) & Lily (9). She works with children because she wants to help them be the best that they can be and to become productive citizens. Cassy believes that since they are our next generation we must show them the way. She works at Plymouth because she loves the center and the employees that are here. This is hands down the best center in town that I have ever worked at!



Transition Teacher- Aubrey Barton

Aubrey has a Bachelors degree in Psychology and is currently working on her Masters. She spends her spare time with her husband and 4 month old daughter Lynden who attends here at Plymouth. Aubrey loves kids and she loves to watch them learn. Being a part of shaping them into the people they will become is so rewarding to her. Aubrey is at Plymouth because it's an incredible place to work and she gets to work with kids of all ages every single day.  



Toddler Teacher- Taverna Campbell "Tiki"

Tiki has over seven years of experience in Early Childhood and is six credits away from an Associates Degree. She is a step mother to Yohinaca, Maliki, Kedar, Nalah, Aramani and Justin. Her passion for working with children simply comes from the saying "It takes a village to raise a child." Tiki believes Gods plan for her was not to have children of her own but to teach,guide and grow there minds, heart and souls.Tiki takes her job to heart by showing unconditional love to each child in her classroom. You will often hear her refer to her classroom as my babies/children. Plymouth was a door that opened for her to achieve some personal goals in early childhood including getting her Directors license.She looks forward to being part of many Plymouth Preschools to come!


Two A (2 year-olds) Teacher- Tara Behrns

Tara has an Associates Degree in Early Childhood and has over nine year of experience in the field. She is a mother to Kailey (12), Paiton (9) and Cooper (6). Her favorite part about teaching is when the kids are exploring a subject and she gets to see the look on a kids face as they are discovering all the ins and outs of something new to them. Tara loves to challenge herself with coming up with new ways to teach children in a hands on approach and through play.  She believes that children learn best through exploration and real life experiences so she provides that each week in her lesson plans. 


Two A (2 year-olds) Teacher- Darlene Jones

Darlene has over 6 years of experience in Early Childhood and some college courses. Darlene is a wife and a mother to two children Caden and a 4 month old Nakaia. She says that working with children brings her joy and rewarding. Darlene says the management team at Plymouth have been helpful to her from day one and her co-workers are easy to get along with. The children are amazing and she is looking forward to helping them succeed every single day.

Two B (2.5 year-olds) Teacher-Debra Strand

Debra is currently attending Butler Community Collegee to purse her degree in Early Childhood Education. She loves to work with children, because she believes they are our future. She says she likes to help children learn new things, but they often teach her a few things as well. If you peek in on her in the classroom, you would most likely see Debra being goofy, singing and dancing to Disney songs! Her goal is to give children a fun and happy environment! Debra also has a son who attends Plymouth.



Two B (2.5 year-olds) Teacher-Halee Barnett

Halee has one and half years of experience in Early Childhood. She is also a mother to Gabrielle (3). Halee loves to see children's personality form in a place that is safe for them to be themselves. She is at Plymouth because its a place to give her an opportunity to grow professionally. 




Preschool Teacher- Kylee Beverage 

 Kylee has 3 years of Early Childhood classes from Butler Community College. She is looking to go back in the fall to complete her Associates in Early Childhood. In her spare time she is taking care of her younger sister, assisting with homework, cooking dinner, and playing games. On the weekends Kylee enjoys spending time with her finance, family and taking her puppy to the park. Kylee works at Plymouth because we offer a fun and safe environment for the children and staff.  



Preschool Teacher- Ana Esquivel 

Ana Eaquivel




Pre-K Teacher- Val Weeks

Val has been teaching now for 36 years! She has earned endorsements in K-12 Art Educationand K-12 Gifted Education. She also teaches at "Christ the Savior" every afternoon. Val thinks Pre-K is the most exciting age group. She enjoys being here every morning with this great group of kids. She looks forward to each school year and the success of each student.




Pre-K Teacher- Kellsey Molina

Kellsey has worked in ECE for the past 10 years. She is currently attending Butler Community College and majoring in Early Childhood Education.  Kellsey has a son Jaylen (6). She believes that working with young children is very rewarding.  She believes that she can be a positive influence on young children and loves to see them learn.  She enjoys working at Plymouth because of the professional staff and the wonderful children and families.  Kellsey also likes the extra features that Plymouth offers, such as in-class cameras and locked doors.



Pre-K Teacher- Sarah Deegan 

Sarah has an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts & Science. She is currently working on a Bachelors Degree in Psychology & Social Work. She has two small children Tristan (almost 3) and Annabelle (1) who attend here at Plymouth.She works with children because she loves to watch them learn and grow daily. Sarah loves to see a child progress and know that she helped to make that happen. Sarah says that children have an innocence & humility that is very special and they remind her to stay that way. 



Floater Teacher- Kenya Correa

Kenya is still new to the Early Childhood field. She has 2 years of experience and is learning something new everyday from the differnt teaching styles happening throughout the building. Kenya works with children because she enjoys being a part of a childs development and education. She says that the staff are wonderful to work with.


Floater Teacher- Sabrina Schubert

Sabrina has over five years of experience working with children and some college courses. She is a mother to two children Emily (6) and Kourtney (4) who attends here at Plymouth. She says that working with children is a fun and joyful experience for her. Sabrina provides a safe, fun and educational environment each and every single day. She says it is awesome to watch a child develop and progress each day right before her eyes. Sabrina is at Plymouth to help children reach milestones, gain knowledge to prepare them for school and to give them tools for everyday life. 


Substitute- Michelle McCuan


Cook- Alyssa Durham