Music Facility

Our Music Facility  Sanctuary Full View


 At Plymouth we have one of the best venues in the city for many opportunities to create both worship and concert settings. The sanctuary is acoustically brilliant and the instruments in the sanctuary are designed to accommodate the space brilliantly.




 Organ Pipes


The 49-rank Shantz organ, built in 2001, was built for the space and provides a glorious sound that leads in worship. It is also an extraordinary solo and accompanying instrument. 






The Yamaha grand piano serves to accompany the Chancel Choir, soloist, and recitalists and is also used as a solo instrument. 





The two-manual Hubbard harpsichord contains two eights and a four foot stop, was built for use as a solo instrument as well as has the ability for use as a member of the orchestra and as an accompanying instrument. Though built and used primarily as a worship space, the sanctuary is also well-suited for concerts and recitals.