Seasons of Life

Ecclesiastes 3:1 

Seasons of Life 


Stepping Forward in Faith

Committed to education, Congregationalists founded many colleges including Harvard and Yale. Our own Wichita State University was founded by Congregationalists with Plymouth Church’s first minister, the Rev. Joseph Homer Parker, leading the way.

Thumbs upCurrently, many parents are having a difficult time finding a suitable early development school for their children. Once found, students are put on a waiting list. Continued growth is forecast for the College Hill area. Because our building is adjacent to College Hill Elementary School, we are ideally located for a preschool/daycare program. The need is present. We have space available. It will be a service to our community. And it will help our church.

During the next five to ten years, we will need to spend more than $1 million to replace aging mechanical systems. We will incur this expense whether or not we open a preschool/daycare facility. Combining the deferred mainte-nance items with the cost of renovating

for a preschool/daycare facility actually decreases the cost of accomplishing both. The Seasons of Life capital campaign seeks to raise $2.1 million.

The planned preschool/daycare will offer early childhood development programs to ensure the lifelong success of our students. The school will also help ensure the financial future of Plymouth Church. Our stepping forward in faith at this time will prepare us for a new season of growth.


"To our family, Plymouth is a place we gain inspiration, a sense of calm and friendship. We enjoy the progressive theology and opportunities for personal spiritual growth and learning. The daycare/preschool addition not only fills a need for the community but can aid in continuing to attract young families to the church, which is vital to its future."

-Jon, Andrea and Lily Reed 


Clifford Depew

"Education has always been a cornerstone for Plymouth and Congregationalism. Having the chance to expand that mission into our neighborhood and surrounding community is very exciting. Providing this service for church and neighborhood families should be rewarding and beneficial for everyone involved."     - Dr. Clifford Depew


 "Plymouth is an open and welcoming community of caring people who share in a journey Worthsof faith, led by intelligent, kind, and dynamic ministers. My family recently returned to this community, and could not be happier that we did. We have been warmly welcomed back by members of the congregation. Renovation of the lovely, College Hill church structure is representative of this church community: one that values tradition, but embraces the future with faith." 
- Diane Worth

  Proforma Information

Start-up Capital Expenditures and Fees

Mechanical Systems 1,179,000
Building Upgrades 647,000
New Equipment 20,000
Fees/Inspection 300,000
2012-2013 Projections  
Total Revenues 956,250
Total Operating Expenses 755,846



   Capitol Campaing Video  
   Created by Haley Worth  



 Embracing the Future

Plymouth Congregational Church recognizes that spiritual growth and learning occur throughout the seasons of life. The heritage of Congregationalism and Plymouth Church share a vision which seeks "more truth and light yet to break forth" in the lives of parishioners and the community. It goes without saying that all are in need of education if this vision is to flourish and grow.


Seasons of Life

Sept. 11
Campaign Kick-Off

Oct.. 15
Commitment Brunch

Oct. 23
Commitment Sunday

Nov. 6
Celebration Sunday

January 2012
Renovation Begins

August 2012
Grand Opening

 Thank You!

When you give, you’re investing in the future of families in our community and in Plymouth Church.

Specific information about making a financial commitment will be distributed at the Commitment Brunch, Oct. 16, or you can call financial secretary Sue Martin at 684-0221 to learn more.

Steve Woods
Campaign Chair

Grant Stannard
Honorary Campaign Chair